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Bookwire sets international benchmark as publishers’ ‘eBook market researcher’


Frankfurt, 26 May 2017 - the most recently published ‘Global eBook Report 2017’ shows that, by introducing and further developing new tools in its Bookwire MACS in-house software, Frankfurt-based Bookwire GmbH has become more than just a digital services provider for its publishing clients. Bookwire is among the world’s leading data analysts in the eBook segment and gives the industry the insights necessary to economic success. Let’s take stock, on the basis of the ‘Global eBook Report 2017’:


Big data by Bookwire: 100,000,000 data records

Since the introduction of ‘Reader Analytics’ in 2016 and expansion by ‘Marketing Analytics’ in 2017, Bookwire has supplied hitherto unattained depths of data concerning the behaviour of eBook readers and buyers. Because the Frankfurt company is internationally active, this data is also gathered globally. More than 100,000,000 data records from a wide variety of sources have so far been analysed and evaluated for the various analytics services in Bookwire MACS. The benefits for publishing clients are plain to see:


“Our granular analyses give eBook publishers a better understanding of how the eBook market and its customers work, so that they can make the most of potential for growth. We offer the advantage of being able to gather and compare data globally. We compare analyses from different countries with each other, using the same KPIs, to give us a more meaningful picture”, says Bookwire manager, Jens Klingelhöfer.


20 million transactions for the industry: collaboration with European Data Alliance

The ‘Global eBook Report’ is the best example - Bookwire has already been sharing data and findings with publishers for three years, making it an important part of the independent market overview. With the European Data Alliance, made up of a growing number of leading digital companies, a comparable market analysis is increasingly developing beyond the various international digital markets.


“Rüdiger Wischenbart’s work with the ‘Global eBook Report’ benefits everybody involved in the sector, which is why it is also down to us, as industry representatives, to support this work. For the 2017 Report, we supplied more data than ever before. We made available more than 20 million transactions from our international markets to strengthen the new character of the ‘Global eBook Report’, i.e. market-by-market analysis and therefore a detailed insight into how publishers can optimally shape their eBook business in the different regions”, explains Jens Klingelhöfer.


The customer is the new market for publishers: data cockpit lets publishers take action

Against the background of digitalisation, the publishers’ business model is facing major challenges. Marketing activities are increasingly aimed directly at readers, either at the digital point of sale itself or through online marketing activities. Bookwire analysis tools are well known for linking up target groups, price promotions, reading behaviour, marketing activities and sales data to create an ever-expanding data cockpit that allows publishers to act quickly and precisely according to needs and changes in the target group.


According to Jens Klingelhöfer, “publishers today have to know exactly who their target group is and how consumer behaviour is changing. The bookseller as your only customer is a thing of the past. Publishers talk directly to readers and have a few seconds to persuade them, amid the clamour of digital entertainment offers. With maximum depth of data and usability in our Bookwire MACS platform, along with the interconnectedness provided by the ‘helicopter view’ of the ‘Global eBook Report’, we are constantly developing the data cockpit of the future. As we do so, we always remain in touch with the requirements of the new e-commerce world and its customers.”


More information about Bookwire: www.bookwire.de


Global eBook Report 2017 for free download: www.global-ebook.com



Bookwire – Next Level Digital Publishing.


Digital service provider Bookwire was founded in Frankfurt in 2009 as a service provider for publisher distribution of eBooks and digital content. Publishers of any size can take advantage of the professional and independent, complete service, including conversion, supply, marketing and billing and consequently have access to all eBook shops. This service has since also been extended to the digital audiobook sector so that publishers can get all of their solutions from one point of contact. The range of services for currently more than 1,000 publishing clients, with over 170,000 eBooks and 50,000 audiobooks, has been continually expanded into the sphere of marketing and, since October 2016, into print-on-demand products, in order to generate the best sales revenue with the publishers. This also includes customer service with the latest software solutions and a personal contact person to guarantee individual advice and support. Bookwire GmbH is managed by founders Jens Klingelhöfer and John Ruhrmann, as well as Marlies Hebler, and currently employs 38 staff in Germany, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.



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