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Audio Stream Snipping: Bookwire finds the best way to bring audiobooks to streaming portals


Frankfurt, 8th August 2017 – the logic of music exploitation in streaming portals applied to audiobooks - Frankfurt digital services provider Bookwire is adding a special feature for audiobooks to its Bookwire MACS software. A technical solution for optimal exploitation of audiobook content is now available to publishing clients. It is geared to the settlement principles of streaming portals.


The Bookwire MACS add-on is already in use under the feature title “BASS - Bookwire Audio Stream Snipping” and plays audiobook content optimised to streaming portals such as Spotify, Deezer and Napster. The way Audio Stream Snipping works is entirely geared to streaming providers’ requirements for content-based exploitation.


Bookwire prepares audiobook content for streaming portals


“Audiobook content is essentially exploited and monetised on streaming portals according to the number of titles streamed. However, up to now, many audiobooks had considerably longer track runtimes in comparison with music recordings, and were therefore unable to generate fair income for this type of content. With Bookwire Audio Stream Snipping, we have developed a technical solution that “snips” individual audiobook titles into smaller track units. The process is automated and the sound quality flawless. In terms of technology, we therefore apply the same settlement logic that streaming services use for music titles, and lay the foundations for optimum exploitation of audiobook content”, explains John Ruhrmann, Managing Director of Bookwire GmbH.


The innovation means that all relevant streaming portals can now be supplied with audiobooks and/or audio plays from Bookwire publishing clients. In all, Bookwire is responsible for distribution of around 35,000 of its clients’ audiobooks (Last revised: July 2017).


BASS feature - a technical innovation


The BASS feature, developed by Bookwire, is based on an algorithm that divides audiobooks into logical tracks during delivery. This, and its direct integration into Bookwire MACS, was developed by Bookwire’s in-house team of IT experts, at the company headquarters in Frankfurt a. M.. Bookwire publishing clients are able to use BASS without additional expenditure and internal technical know-how.


“Streaming is also another way of generating income, especially for audiobooks. That’s why our objective was to straightaway offer a practicable and easy-to-use technical solution, so that our publishing clients can make full use of this distribution opportunity”, finishes Ruhrmann.


More information about Bookwire: www.bookwire.de



Bookwire – Next Level Digital Publishing.


Digital service provider Bookwire was founded in Frankfurt in 2009 as a service provider for publisher distribution of eBooks and digital content. Publishers of any size can take advantage of the professional and independent, complete service, including conversion, supply, marketing and billing and consequently have access to all eBook shops. This service has since also been extended to the digital audiobook sector so that publishers can get all of their solutions from one point of contact. The range of services for currently more than 1,000 publishing clients, with over 200,000 eBooks and 50,000 audiobooks, has been continually expanded into the sphere of marketing and, since October 2016, into print-on-demand products, in order to generate the best sales revenue with the publishers. This also includes customer service with the latest software solutions and a personal contact person to guarantee individual advice and support. Bookwire GmbH is managed by founders Jens Klingelhöfer and John Ruhrmann, as well as Marlies Hebler, and currently employs 40 staff in Germany, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.


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