Administer, manage and analyse your entire digital business with Bookwire OS.
Dr. Frank Suppanz, Philipp Reclam jun. Verlag GmbH

„With Bookwire OS, we can always manage all data and metadata very effectively and in line with current distribution requirements.“

Bookwire OS is the best-performing software for professional distribution of digital media. Scalable, flexible and innovative.

Bookwire OS combines a high degree of user-friendliness with ultimate reliability and flexibility. The software was developed precisely to meet the needs of the digital market and customers in publishing. Bookwire OS currently administers more than 350,000 digital products, including 50,000 audiobooks. Almost all locally and internationally relevant shops are connected via interfaces.

Bookwire OS

The most important features at a glance

Dashboard homepage

The most important information at a glance: top sales, status notifications and news. Every time you log in, Bookwire OS welcomes you with relevant information about your titles and sales.

Digital asset management

Bookwire OS lets you manage your distribution rights on title basis, per imprint or for the entire publishing house. Set distribution channels, country rights, DRM guidelines and prices in different currencies.

Statistics & reporting

Analyse your products’ performance with easily understood statistics. Individually configurable reports, e.g. by title, shop, country, genre and currency, also give you an objective basis for making decisions.

Quality assurance

Our multi-stage quality management process for metadata and files ensures smooth delivery of your titles to shops. With automated price and availability checks in the shops, you retain complete control even after delivery.

User management

Our user-based access administration enables allocation of individual rights and views for different groups of users.

Integration and scalability

Bookwire OS is easy to integrate and has been designed for large title catalogues. Individual functions can be connected to existing systems via APIs. For example, import of product data and export of sales data can be seamlessly incorporated into existing processes.

Data import and quality control

Import your title catalogue quickly, effectively and smoothly
Bookwire OS has got everything covered when it comes to importing your data


Enter metadata, such as title, subtitle, author, price and publication date, from your selection straight into Bookwire OS. Large quantities of titles are also easy to import via an FTP server using by ONIX data or Excel templates. Automated data import through connection to common third-party systems is possible without difficulty.

Language management

You can add and manage products in all languages in Bookwire OS.

Language management

You can add and manage products in all languages in Bookwire OS.


Bookwire OS supports all common eBook and audio formats, such as EPUB, EPUB Fixed Layout, PDF, Mobipocket, iBooks Author, as well as MP3, FLAC and WAV.

Quality assurance

The Bookwire Live quality check runs automatically while your digital content is loaded into the software. Metadata and files are checked for compatibility with shops’ current requirements. Possible errors, including information about solutions, are displayed immediately. Your Account Manager will perform a final visual inspection before delivery.

Management of your digital assets

Enjoy simple efficiency. Simple management of your products and user-friendly rights management with Bookwire OS.

Simple control

In Bookwire OS, you can manage shops to be supplied, distribution areas and desired level of copy protection, per title, for the publisher or entire publishing group, to meet your requirements.


Prices for different currencies, countries and distribution models can also be set at the same time.

Version management

Product updates are easy to incorporate. Use versioning in Bookwire OS at any time to trace changes made to your titles.

Extensive filter functions

A wide range of filters enable monitoring and analysis of your digital selection and, if necessary, optimisation of metadata and files.


Keep an eye on everything, with complete flexibility. Offer your selection in numerous national and international distribution channels via Bookwire OS.

Delivery check

Shop status provides you with information about the delivery status of your titles, at any time.

Title presentation in the shop

View your titles in the different shops around the world via direct link.

Availability and price checks

Using our automated availability and price checks in the shops, we guarantee quality in distribution channels and guarantee that changes to the product are made promptly.

Dynamic In-Book-Promotion

Enrich your catalogue with the cross selling power of perfectly matching title recommendations out of the same imprint catalogue. The Dynamic In-Book-Promotion feature gives you full flexibility in the selection of the recommendations: you can either trust our intelligent algorithm, which automatically selects and assigns titles, manually set own priority titles, or make a mix of automatic and pre-defined.

Dynamic In-Book-Promotion is fully integrated into Bookwire OS and we provide this
extra service to our publishers without any extra cost. It is another important part of our all-in-one-
system approach.

Author’s copy mailing

Use integrated author’s copy mailing to send individual eBooks to authors or other cooperation partners, free of charge. You can add a digital watermark to your products, if required.

Author’s copy mailing

Use integrated author’s copy mailing to send individual eBooks to authors or other cooperation partners, free of charge. You can add a digital watermark to your products, if required.

Analysis and optimisation of your sales

Visualise your performance and spot new potential

Draw conclusions, fast

Clear and well-organised dashboards give you an overview of the whole of your digital business, e.g. the latest turnover from your eBook and audiobook sales, comparisons of periods in the previous month and previous year and percentage rates of increase.

Your sales figures at a glance

Detailed diagrams illustrate your sales trends in the top shops and show you the countries where your products sell best.

Your strongest titles

Monitor your most successful titles and their trends on a daily and monthly basis with the top title list.

Detailed information is just a click away

Analyse a specific product by turnover and sales since publication and trace up-to-the-minute performance over time in the most important shops.

Individual analyses

Use our configurable sales data query for individual, detailed evaluations. Filter and add up your sales e.g. by title, author, shop, genre, country and currency over freely definable periods and export the results as CSV or Excel data.

Big data for your success

Our integrated groundbreaking software tool ‘Enhanced analytics’ adds a wide variety of additional data to basic statistics from sales figures for individual titles that have already been imported. This additional data is hugely important and gives publishers entirely new insights into the readers of their eBook titles. To this end, Bookwire is also working together closely with eBook platforms readfy and Skoobe, whose detailed reader analyses are an important element of data generation.

The following data categories are visualised: Gender statistics, Demography, Conversion rate, Progress, Ranking, Comparative data, Genre analysis, Reach analysis, Assessment of marketing campaigns.

“Marketing Analytics” gives detailed insights into the performance of your price promotions. An intelligent algorithm enables price campaigns to be identified, evaluated and compared, with direct reference to the sales achieved. Up-to-the-minute performance trends, detailed analyses with indicators, and sales and turnover statistics facilitate simple benchmarking of price promotions, using the filter, sort and export function in Bookwire OS. Benchmarking gives new insights that can be directly implemented in successful marketing campaigns.

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Bookwire OS

Your benefits at a glance.
  • eBook, audiobook and Print-on-Demand distribution with one system
  • All common eBook and audiobook formats
  • Currency and country-specific prices
  • Automated implementation of sale prices
  • Distribution rights management
  • Availability and price checking
  • Shop links to all products supplied
  • Multi-stage quality inspection of metadata and assets
  • Automated import of metadata and assets
  • Input and upload of product data via a web interface
  • Automated metadata optimisation
  • Minimum DRM requirement
  • Up-to-the-minute sales figures
  • Sales data analysis via dashboards
  • Individual text and audio samples per format
  • Individual metadata and assets per shop
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