Our comprehensive service package for your publishing house

With a comprehensive service package for medium-sized publishers or individual enterprise models for large publishing groups, we provide the perfect solution and support you through all of your digital products’ crucial distribution phases.

Simple delivery of eBooks and audiobooks

Bookwire offers fast, high-quality conversion of your eBooks and audiobooks into all required formats. We guarantee that your content will meet shops’ requirements. During conversion, quality assurance of your products is our top priority.

Conversion into all current formats

We can convert your books on request into all standard commercial formats, such as EPUB, Fixed Layout EPUB, Mobipocket and KF8. We always send a non-binding quotation before beginning the conversion process. We convert audiobooks and audio dramas into FLAC & WAV free of charge, to guarantee optimum audio quality.

Simple data upload with Bookwire OS

You can enter all of your metadata and files online clearly and easily, using your Bookwire OS login. Large quantities of titles are easy to manage by importing CSV or ONIX data using automated processes. High-performance search and filter functions help you to keep track of things.

Complete quality control

Bookwire has developed multi-stage quality management to ensure error-free delivery of your data to the shops. Our software automatically checks the quality of metadata and files. Our Account Manager also performs a visual inspection before each delivery.

DRM copy protection for eBooks

For each eBook, you can decide for yourself with which DRM copy protection you would like to sell your product. Based on your guidelines, eBooks are only delivered to shops that can guarantee the required protection.

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Global distribution to all relevant shops

With Bookwire, it’s easy to open up new distribution channels at home and abroad. We deliver your products to all relevant shops and library aggregators, such as Amazon Kindle Shop, Apple iBooks Store, Tolino or Divibib. Our claim is that we enable you to spread your digital range as far as possible. With this in mind, we are steadily and globally expanding our distribution network for you.

Complete control over distribution channels

Your Bookwire OS access enables you to keep an overview of your distribution channels and areas at all times. All you need to do is look at shop status. Handy deep links provide you with instant information about the titles in the shops. Our availability and price checks enable you to keep an eye on the current status of your titles at all times.

The right distribution model for publishers of all sizes

Discover how simple, fast and efficient distribution can be. Reach all connected shops with just one contract. Alternatively, we also offer our flexible enterprise solution for large publishing groups. With our enterprise solution, our purely technical delivery service to selected shops can be combined with aggregation via Bookwire for all other distribution channels.

Digital distribution to libraries too

Your eBooks and audio media are also in demand in libraries. Bookwire supplies major library aggregators, such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Overdrive and Divibib, who distribute your selection to public and scientific libraries in Germany and abroad, ensuring that your eBooks and audiobooks can be borrowed and used online.

Delivery of your electronic publications to the German National library

How do your electronic publications make it to the German National Library? Bookwire can also offer this interface independently and can supply the German National Library with your titles on request.

A simple way to send digital author’s copies

Use Bookwire OS to send your digitally watermarked eBooks to your authors or other cooperation partners, free of charge, at the touch of a button.


Would you also like to offer your eBooks as printed books or would you like to make your backlist available? Bookwire has the first truly comprehensive solution: we can easily supply eBooks, digital audiobooks and now also Print-on-Demand (PoD) titles to all turnover-related shops using our Bookwire OS distribution system.

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Greater success for your eBooks and digital audiobooks

Professional consultation you can rely on. Our marketing team supports you with the aim of achieving greater reach and visibility for your eBooks and digital audiobooks where they are most effective, i.e. at point of sale.

Targeted marketing campaigns at point of sale

In daily close contact with the shops, we develop effective marketing campaigns together that make your eBooks and digital audiobooks visible to your readers and listeners at point of sale.
Through Bookwire, you can also take part in Kindle Deals in the Amazon Kindle Store and book advertisements in all relevant German shops.

Consultation and support

Would you like to know when the best time for a price campaign would be? How to market your backlist? How to optimise your metadata to make your eBooks and audiobooks more visible? With our knowledge and experience, we are happy to help and support you in your strategic planning.

Your tool for successful marketing campaigns

Our voucher tool is the perfect instrument for effective advertising! Are you planning a prize draw on Facebook? Would you like to gain new customers at an event? Or would you just like to reward new newsletter subscribers with a free eBook? You have the ideas; we have the solution to match.

Digital review copy mailing

Benefit from Bookwire CAMPAIGN. Send promotional copies to your global media partners with our cost-effective, digital sampling system. This enables you to use reviewers, journalists, bloggers, booksellers and licensees as distributors.

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Reporting and analysis from a single source

Even if you have hundreds of products, our analysis and reporting tools can still give you an overview of your digital business. They allow you to see at all times how your sales are progressing and which titles are earning you the most.

Analyses and statistics make management easier

Up-to-the-minute sales figures, as well as monthly reports, are available in Bookwire OS. Get an overview of how your products’ turnover and sales trends are developing over time and compare with the previous year. Analyse and evaluate your titles’ sales figures by shop, country or currency. Our monthly and annual trend monitoring allows you to always keep track on how your top 10 titles are performing.
As a publishing group, take advantage of our comprehensive analysis tools with our enterprise solution. Importing your shop statements into Bookwire OS ensures that you can centrally manage all sales and turnover data in one place.

Specific analyses by shop and country

Analyse and evaluate sales figures for your titles by shop and by country. Track your sales trends in the most important shops over time. Your sales figures by country are shown in colour on an interactive map of the world.

One statement for all shops and sales

All sales and turnover for the shops supplied are presented together in a transparent statement. The statement also shows you sales of your Top 10 titles, as well as sales in your TOP 5 sales countries.

Import into your invoicing system

The CSV-based report created by Bookwire can be imported into all common publishing invoicing systems using the interfaces available.

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