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European eBook Barometer 2018: New Data Map for the European eBook Industry


Frankfurt a. M., 4 October 2018 – an innovative guide to the European eBook industry has been published for the first time, in time for Frankfurt Book Fair. Using clear graphics, the ‘European eBook Barometer’ (publisher: Rüdiger Wischenbart) provides a comprehensive compendium on the current situation and development forecasts of the eBook market, as well as guidance for publishers. Unprecedented cooperation between eBook distributors from the leading European markets went into creating the barometer – Bookwire contributed data from Germany and Spain.


The ‘European eBook Barometer’ aims to give publishers and publishing houses a comprehensive overview of all relevant market data – particularly data from readers and users, to enable them to optimally position individual titles and entire catalogues, by genre and target audience, on the complex eBook market.


Thousands of datasets from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain - the largest European markets - were evaluated and visualised to create the Barometer, making it an intuitive and easily read guide based on precisely aggregated sales data and chart-driven trend information.


For this pioneering collection, publisher Rüdiger Wischenbart brought together leading eBook distributors and service providers in an innovative cooperation initiative:


Bookwire GmbH and Libranda (Spain) provided the most data, with Bookwire GmbH contributing evaluations of markets in Germany and Spain. Other partners are CB (formerly Centraal Boekhuis, Netherlands), Edigita (Italy) and Readbox (Germany).


“We are convinced that data-based findings for management, marketing and strategy are crucial to publishers’ sustainability. Bookwire already provides a range of analytics services based on big data and automation. The highly visual and condensed presentation of the findings in the new ‘European eBook Barometer’ is the perfect complement when it comes to a European macro perspective of trends in the eBook industry”, explains Jens Klingelhöfer, CEO of Bookwire GmbH.


Data evaluation yielded the following key findings on the European eBook market:


  • eBooks target consumer groups in a very specific way - this concerns genre preferences, sale prices, as well as peak seasons for eBooks (July and pre-Christmas)
  • Marketing and pricing strategies for eBooks must be based on knowledge of these different target groups and periods
  • Only a clear, data-driven understanding of segments and consumer preferences, as provided by the ‘European eBook Barometer’, can bring publishers and authors optimum yields in the digital market environment
  • The international perspective makes it possible to learn lessons in order to improve results and minimise risks with innovations and marketing experiments



The ‘European e-Book Barometer’ is available to download for free at and Rüdiger Wischenbart Consulting at



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