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Bookwire Spain now also offering PoD service


Frankfurt a. M., 5 November 2020 – Bookwire’s publishing clients in the Spanish-speaking markets of Spain and Latin America have been able to make use of the comprehensive services of “Amazon PoD” for Print-on-Demand editions in Europe since October 2020. The new feature enables titles to be listed on various European domains of the Amazon trading platform where they are available to international customers. More PoD offers will follow for Spanish-language titles in the coming months.

By launching the Print-on-Demand offer via “Amazon PoD” for the approximately 400 publishing clients Bookwire works with in Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America the team around Eric González Canova, General Manager Spanish Markets, is significantly expanding the range of services in Bookwire OS.

In addition to distribution and marketing of eBooks and audiobooks, Bookwire’s Spanish-speaking publishers in Spain and Latin America can flexibly put physical books into production “on demand” via Bookwire OS and, most importantly, also enter them directly into the listing at the largest online booksellers.

All PoD titles are directly listed on European Amazon domains

Using PoD via “Amazon PoD” also allows titles to be made directly available on European Amazon domains – France, Italy, the UK and Germany, as well as Spain. This makes PoD titles available to an international readership as soon as an order is placed from Bookwire OS.

“With the option of having individual titles printed via Amazon PoD, individually and in very high quality, we give our publishing clients an important tool for increasing their revenue. We are convinced that the interplay of eBooks, audiobooks and specifically produced physical books is the revenue model of the future”, says Eric González Canova, General Manager Spanish Markets at Bookwire.

eBooks, audiobooks and PoD via Bookwire OS give publishers various options for generating revenue

The new service offer via “Amazon PoD” is the first step in the Print-on-Demand area for Spanish-language markets. More production and listing options for publishers in Spain and Latin America will follow in the coming months.

“PoD is an attractive offer especially for the backlist titles of many publishers, or even for seasonal titles that you can also offer for users of print books, along with the digital editions for readers and listeners. The major economic benefit for publishers is that they can manage all formats through Bookwire OS and therefore make optimal use of resources”, summarises Margarita Guerrero, Director Account Management Spanish Markets.

Bookwire GmbH has been offering German publishing clients PoD services since 2015. In April 2020 there was a major expansion in the range of services with “Print-on-Demand 2.0” in Bookwire OS – this is now being rolled out internationally, starting with Spanish-language markets.

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