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Questions and answers about “We Audiobook You (WAY)”.

Audiobook production at Bookwire

We Audiobook You (WAY) is an audiobook production service from Bookwire. We offer straightforward conversion of your titles into audiobooks, at attractive prices. You retain all rights. Once your audiobook is ready, Bookwire takes over digital distribution to all relevant shops and streaming portals across the world.

Audiobook production used to be expensive and time-consuming for publishers. WAY now gives you the opportunity to get involved in the rapidly growing audiobook market.


We offer full production from a single source, at attractive prices. We only use professional partner studios and experienced audiobook narrators for the conversion.


Unlike granting a licence to an audiobook publisher, you retain all of the rights to audiobooks produced using WAY. As soon as your audiobook is ready, Bookwire takes over digital distribution to all relevant online shops, e.g. Audible, Thalia and Spotify. You are otherwise completely free to sell your audiobook however you like.

  • Complete audiobook production from a single source
  • Audiobooks produced in cooperation with experienced studios and professional narrators
  • Low production costs
  • Fast and efficient processing for rapid access to the market
  • Distribution through the tried and tested Bookwire distribution network
  • You retain all rights to your audiobook!

Experience of the market and analyses show that audiobooks can contribute on average around 30% of the sales of a title that is already successful as an eBook.


What’s more, offering an audiobook in addition to an eBook and print title is a great opportunity to appeal to new target groups and win them as customers. Digital natives are particularly likely to make use of audio offers on the market – especially streaming models that they are already familiar with from using Spotify, Netflix & Co.

Don’t let your competitors enjoy all the benefits of the rapidly and sustainably growing audiobook market.


Listening is the new reading!


Our narrators stick closely to the script given to them, so they read the text exactly as it appears in the script.


This can mean that texts might need to be adapted for audiobook production first. This is the case especially for elements that cannot be converted into an audiobook (e.g. graphics, images, etc.), if the book does not just contain continuous text (e.g. marginal notes, text boxes or similar) or if parts of the text in the audiobook are not supposed to be read (e.g. acknowledgments, author profile, advertisements for other titles, etc.).


The audiobook should also have a suitable cover and its own ISBN for distribution. Before production starts, we will also need an audiobook contract signed by you, as well as other contracts, if applicable.


We will be happy to advise.

The costs of audiobook production depend on several factors, the main ones being the length and complexity of the text, the genre and the choice of narrator.


Narrators’ fees do not necessarily correspond to the quality of the narration, but usually depend on the workload and popularity of the narrator in question. Because we only work with trained and experienced narrators, the quality of the audiobook productions is guaranteed.


We individually cost every title enquired about and then provide you with a quote for production incl. price and anticipated delivery date.


In addition to pure audiobook production, you can also benefit from some of our other services, such as individual audio samples, correction cycles, cover design and musical accompaniment.

The duration of production depends, in particular, on the availability of your chosen narrator. If your narrator is available straightaway, our efficient processes allow us to guarantee prompt completion - production normally takes 4-6 weeks for average-length texts.

We can also offer production of physical audiobooks (CDs) as an additional service, on request, for runs of 500 units or more. Please get in touch for an individual quote.

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