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Would you like to discover publishing from a digital point of view? Or are you already a digital publishing professional? Then apply to Bookwire. We look forward to getting to know you.
Margarita Guerrero

“Thinking globally and working in a dedicated, international team to help publishers achieve digital success. That’s what I love about Bookwire!”

Managing Director Spanish Markets

Richard Haupt

“Nobody has ever done what Bookwire does. For me, that means truly pioneering work in a new, global business environment.”

Senior Shop Relations Manager

Frauke Prayon

“Bookwire is a young and dynamic company that keeps on developing further. As a member of staff, I am part of this process every day. I find being able to shape new developments and seeing what all can be achieved extremely exciting and motivating.”

Head of Shop Marketing

Steffen Möll

“Bookwire impressed me from the very first day with its extremely professional team who are very helpful and considerate in all areas. It is really remarkable how flat the hierarchies are and how quickly and easily decisions are made. Every day, I feel that I am really pushing ahead and creating something.”

Head of Technology

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