Bookwire OS: The new interface


With a new and modern menu navigation, working with Bookwire OS will be more intuitive, enabling publishers to manage all their digital processes fast and easily. Let’s start exploring!


Vertical Menu Navigation and Floating Action Buttons

A new vertical menu navigation has been implemented: the fold-out menu items are positioned on the left bar, with green markers indicating the active menu that you are working in at all times. Furthermore, all actions that are available on one page can be found in the floating action buttons at the right bottom of the page.


Menu "Products"

In Bookwire OS the menu “products” shows your product list, with default settings to showing all active titles.

Product list, filter and status

You will find several filter options to manage and select titles above the product list. The full-text search box has been added to this section as well, and in the box aside you can define which metadata shall be included in your search.

The filter section shows your frequently used filters. Yet, by clicking on the filter symbol with the “+” you can display more filter options. By clicking “reset” you remove all filters and the product list returns to its default settings. 

The colored icons showing the status of your products, have also been adapted and simplified:


The product is active and has been approved for delivery or already been delivered to the shops.

The product has been cancelled and is no longer available for sale.  

The product is new or updated and needs your approval.

This product needs correction.

Floating action buttons in the product list

You will find the two floating action buttons “new” and “actions” at the right bottom of the page giving you all options that are possible in the product list. 


By clicking the “actions” button you’ll open the selection window that shows you all possible actions in a clearly grouped list. Please note that you need to select the products in the list before selecting an action.


With the button “new” you can create a new product by selecting the product or the format you need.

Product detail page

The layout of the product detail pages has been preserved: the metadata are still displayed thematically grouped in several boxes. All submenu options can still be found at the top of the page. The floating action buttons at the bottom allow for the following actions:

By clicking the circle button you clear a product (only available with new or changed products or products which need further correction).

By clicking the pen symbol you can edit the product.

You can copy a selection of relevant metadata to your clipboard.

The arrow leads you back to the product list page.


Edit mode

You will find all functions to add and edit metadata and assets to your products as usual. All boxes with the dark grey frame are edible, the boxes with the light grey frame are read-only.

The following actions are possible within edit mode:

Saving a product.

Saving and approving a product.

You can only delete new products that haven’t been activated yet.

Cancelling your edits.

Menu "Statistics"

The statistics menu will still show the submenus “Daily sales”, “Monthly sales”,  “Sales lists” as well as “Royalty statements” which you can select in the vertical menu.


The KPI-boxes within daily and monthly sales have been redesigned so that the trend can be easily recognized: Green color shows a positive trend, grey shows a stable one and red means a negative trend.

Reference for the trend is the respective comparative period: for the MTD (month-to-date)-box this is the previous month, for the daily sales it is the day before.